SOLIDAL CMC (Custom Modular)

SOLIDAL CMC Double Fold Dry Joint cassette cladding System
Smartweld Corners

Smartweld corners for increased strength, greater aesthetics, for a more finished look.

Mechanically Fixed Stiffeners

Mechanically fixed stiffeners for perfect CMC flatness and increased strength.

Post Applied Coating

Post applied coating as the last process ensures superior coverage and increased performance in corrosive environments.

CMC Double Fold System

Dry joint rain screen

SOLIDAL CMC Double Fold System (Dry Joint)

SOLIDAL CMC (Custom Modular) Double Fold System is designed for rainscreen applications without the need for sealants or caulking. Mechanically fabricated, the folded flange allows for expressed and dry joint fixing without the need for continuous angles, sealants or tapes. Fixed securely through flange to the subframe, guarantees unmatched stability and increased aesthetics.
This unique feature positions it as an exceptional solution for high-corrosive environments, ideal for ventilated construction scenarios.

solidal cmc cleat wet seal system
CMC Cleat System
Caulked joints wet seal

SOLIDAL CMC Cleat System (Wet Seal)

SOLIDAL CMC (Custom Modular) Cleat System is purpose-built, as per design requirement, aligning with modulation sizes and wind load prerequisites. Achieving the pinnacle of mechanical fabrication, our smartweld technology seamlessly seals SOLIDAL CMC modulations in mill coating as the very last process. This shields both metal and coating from compromise during fabrication, making it the ultimate choice for corrosive environments. Ideal for ventilated or concealed construction, securely attach via cleats to the subframe.

Solidal Eco2 Low Carbon Alloy
SOLIDAL CMC (Custom Modular) is Engineered with Repurposing & Recycling in Mind.