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Formed in 1999, with an emphasis on providing customised building and structural envelope solutions, allowing designers to freely express themselves with unlimited possibilities, under the brand SOLIDAL®.

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Why Choose Us

  • 20+ Years’ Experience
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Technology
  • Certified Applicators
  • Comprehensive Design Support
  • Customised Solutions
  • Eco2 Low Carbon Aluminium
  • NATA Certified
  • Built to last products
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Fueling innovation, in 2019 SOLIDAL® launched their IMM Intelligent Manufacturing Model. Man, machine interaction and building a strong connection between customer requirements and production data.

Integration of customization and mass production is achieved with amazing accuracy through SOLIDAL’S Intelligent Manufacturing Model IMM. All managed under one umbrella, we provide comprehensive advice on the material and production options that best suit your project. Our team can turn every vision into a real solution.

With factory facilities in Sydney Australia and Shandong China (Australian-owned WFOE facility), SOLIDAL® utilizes manufacturing execution systems (MES) to ensure high consistency in the information production flows from raw materials to the finished SOLIDAL® product, with the help of QR code tracking.

SOLIDAL® manages all aspect of the process, raw material procurement, in-house IMM manufacturing, and fabrication of proprietary application systems, through to applying world-leading coatings to the finished customised SOLIDAL® modules all under one roof.

The final aesthetic of a building’s envelope is about bringing all competing elements together, from the architectural design, and engineering to the final material properties and fabrication processes that ensure longevity.

SOLIDAL® products are reshaping building and structural envelopes that are no longer defined by limitations, but by opportunity and the possibilities.


Our Team

Joshua Turco
David Varecka
Technical Support
Lusi Anni
Design Production Managerr
Jancarlo Jubilo
Cecilia Ines Rey Romero
Frank Li
Finishes & Coatings Engineer
Junior Pisan

Promoting responsible production, sourcing, and stewardship in the global aluminium value chain

SOLIDAL® adheres to a green economy whereby promoting and supplying sustainable aluminium products are central to our values.

Choosing lower-carbon SOLIDAL® eCO2® is the right choice for the environment.


Supporting Australian Mining.

SOLIDAL® place a strong emphasis on utilising Australian raw materials.
Proud members of Australian Bauxite Mining

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