SOLIDAL® eCO2® Low Carbon Alloy

Aluminium: Strong, lightweight and
infinitely recyclable.

Choosing lower-carbon SOLIDAL® eCO2® is the right choice for the environment.

Did you know average carbon emissions of primary aluminium produced globally is approximately 16.8kg CO2e/1kg Al.

By choosing SOLIDAL eCO2, the average carbon emissions of primary aluminium produced is 3kg CO2e/1kg Al.

Boost your sustainability credentials through SOLIDAL® eCO2® Building Envelope systems.

Lifecycle of Aluminium

Promoting responsible production, sourcing, and stewardship in the global aluminium value chain

The aluminium sector accounts for 1.1 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions, around 2 percent of the world’s total.

Primary aluminium is made from bauxite, refined to make alumina before being smelted to make aluminium. Aluminium can be formed into various products by extruding, rolling or casting.

Around 60% of the aluminium sector’s GHG emissions are from the production of electricity consumed during the aluminium smelting process.

Construction, transport, marine and electronics are just some ways aluminium is used. Aluminium is lightweight and strong enabling its use in the aviation, aerospace, shipping and rail industries.

Aluminium is durable and can be infinitely recycled, making it a popular choice for the renewable energy sector.

SOLIDAL® adheres to a green economy whereby promoting and supplying sustainable aluminium products are central to our values.