PMP Architectural Screens

SOLIDAL PMP U Series Metal Screen Cladding
Post Applied Coating
Post applied coating as the last process ensures superior coverage and increased performance in corrosive environments.
Large Spans
Large span fixing for minimal subframe.
High perforation porosity for natural lighting and air ventilation.


Immerse your architectural canvas in the elegance of our PMP U Series cladding in deep-format large corrugations unlike any other, created with advanced expertise, provide an effortless organic flow whilst offering a robust appeal. This series goes beyond aesthetics, blending structural integrity with graceful design, presenting lines that imitate the natural world.
Solidal PMP U1 Line DrawingU1
Solidal PMP U2 Line DrawingU2
Solidal PMP U3 Line DrawingU3


Envision a new dimension of architectural grandeur with the V Series cladding, meticulously engineered for projects that demand a commanding presence. The V-shaped aesthetic transcends traditional facades, adding unparalleled dynamism and a unique depth to the building skin. This series allows you to leave an indelible mark, a collection that unites visionary design and technical proficiency.


Redefine your architectural narrative with the PMP R Series cladding, where form and function converge in an experiential blend. Through innovative engineering, the continuous folded modules create a batten effect, culminating in clean linear aesthetics. This series, designed to harmonise urban dynamism and rural sophistication, seamlessly integrates contemporary design with technical expertise.
SOLIDAL PMP R1 Line Drawing R1
SOLIDAL PMP R2 Line Drawing R2
Solidal Eco2 Low Carbon Alloy
PMP Series is Engineered with Repurposing & Recycling in Mind.
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