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David Varecka
David Varecka

SOLIDAL® Concealed CMC (Custom Modular Cassette)

SOLIDAL® T2 | T3 | T4

SOLIDAL® fabricated systems are specifically designed and formulated for building envelopes in ventilated (Rainscreen) and non-ventilated (Concealed) construction.

All Solid Aluminium Building envelopes by SOLIDAL® are Machined and Metal formed first and Coated Second.

Certified Non-combustible NATA AS1530.1 & AS1530.3.
SOLIDAL®  Products are 100% Recyclable.

Optional Perimeter Fixing (Dry Joint or Wet Seal)
  • Staggered Cleats
  • Continuous Angles
  • Double Folded

Speak with a SOLIDAL® Accredited Installer

Whilst all SOLIDAL® customised modules are delivered ready to be installed. Each accredited SOLIDAL® installer come with years of experience in building and structural envelopes, and are situated nationwide.