TEGO Light and Shade Series

Solidal Tego Concave Application Render
Smartweld Corners

Smartweld corners for increased strength and greater aesthetics for all TEGO® Series.

Mechanically Fixed Stiffeners

Mechanically fixed stiffeners for increased strength and performance, for all TEGO® Series.
(100% Recyclable, cradle to cradle)

Post Applied Coating

Post applied coating as the last process ensures superior coverage and increased performance in corrosive environments.

Dry Joint Connection

TEGO Concave

Embracing gentle and curvaceous lines that gently draw inward, the TEGO Concave design introduces a sense of grace and fluidity. This choice harmonises elegance and ingenuity, crafting an environment that is welcoming and appealing. Looks great in natural finishes.
SOLIDAL TEGO Box application render


Featuring protruding and undulating TEGO Box variations, characterised by its sleek and contemporary appearance, the design of the TEGO Box presents a tidy and uncluttered frontage. Its precise angles and distinct boundaries establish a feeling of organisation and refinement, making it an excellent choice for modern structures.

SOLIDAL TEGO Box 20mm line drawing
SOLIDAL TEGO Box 60mm line drawing
SOLIDAL TEGO Box 90mm line drawing
SOLIDAL TEGO Box 120mm line drawing
SOLIDAL TEGO Oblique cladding application render

TEGO Oblique

Experience boldness with the Oblique design, where angled lines intersect to create a striking visual statement. The intersecting geometry adds a sense of depth and complexity, making it an eye-catching choice that adds a touch of contemporary artistry to building facades.

SOLIDAL TEGO Oblique Line Drawing
SOLIDAL TEGO Tapered Right Cladding Building Render

TEGO Tapered

Incorporating a sense of asymmetry, the TEGO Tapered design showcases an angled form that gradually narrows towards one side. This dynamic selection captures attention and infuses a dash of avant-garde style.

SOLIDAL TEGO Valley cladding external building render

TEGO Valley

The TEGO Valley design introduces dimension and tactility through a recessed central line. Positioned at the centre or slightly off-centre, it imparts sophistication by orchestrating subtle interplays of light and shadow.

SOLIDAL TEGO Ridge External Cladding Building Facade

TEGO Ridge

Exuding confidence and authority, the TEGO Ridge design boasts an elevated central line. Whether positioned centrally for equilibrium or placed off-centre for distinctiveness, it generates captivating interplays of light and shade.


Do you have questions?

TEGO is a modular rainscreen cladding system, that has multiple design options and sizes. Suitable for both existing and new building structures. TEGO is delivered pre-built as a modular system ready for installation. No on-site cutting or machining or coating required.

TEGO is made of low carbon solid aluminium. Certified non-combustible.

Compared to other solid aluminium cladding products, TEGO is metal formed first in mill finish, mechanically stiffened and smartwelded corners, and coated as the very last procedure. This allows both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional forms up to 6000 mm long, providing architects and designers more freedom in their designs. In addition, TEGO is manufactured 100% mechanically, ensuring superior flatness and strength.

Typical top hat sub-framing is required.

Depending on environmental factors, we can assume an average service durability of 50 years.

TEGO is manufactured using low-carbon aluminium as the base metal (7.1kgCO2e). When compared to other fabricated products, TEGO is mechanically fabricated, the non-use of organic combustible glues or double-sided tapes, ensures TEGO is built for both long-term performance and low maintenance. Fully recyclable at the end of life span due to being built, using only solid aluminium.

Aluminium has very high embodied energy to produce. SOLIDAL® is proud that they make every effort for traceability of original source materials, from mined Australian bauxite to offshore smelters using either solar or hydroelectric power.

TEGO is supplied nationally across Australia with certified accredited installers in each state in Australia. TEGO is also supplied abroad on project specific works.
TEGO is designed and engineered by Watermark International, an Australian owned and operated company with manufacturing facilities in Australia and offshore, under WFOE wholly foreign owned enterprise management by Watermark International.

On all projects, SOLIDAL offers full design support to assist in the decision-making process. This includes early-stage assistance with CAD and Revit drawings, as well as providing colour samples and physical TEGO samples—everything necessary to facilitate informed decision-making.

Solidal Eco2 Low Carbon Alloy
TEGO Series is Engineered with Repurposing & Recycling in Mind.
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