Project Remediate

SOLIDAL® approved for Project Remediate in NSW

Project Remediate is a three-year program to help remove combustible cladding on an estimated 225 buildings known to the Cladding Taskforce.

SOLIDAL® has been selected as one of the preferred suppliers for the project’s cladding materials and is the only product selected that uses ZERO combustible glues and tapes in the manufacturing of cassette modules. Should the compliance codes change yet again to use ZERO combustible elements, you are guaranteed with SOLIDAL®.

Approved products below.


  • 100% mechanically stiffen modular system with Smartweld Technology to all corners and folds and mechanically fixed stiffeners


  • 100% aluminium façade without silicon caulked joints while achieving weatherability of the façade
  • Easy fast installation, reduced scaffolding costs


  • 3mm, 4mm, 5mm up to 10mm SOLIDAL® sheets with coated edges

The company is proud to demonstrate its capabilities and to play a significant role in the replacement of flammable cladding through Project Remediate.
Going one step further SOLIDAL® is one of the only suppliers that custom fabricate in 100% aluminium, that does not use any combustible glues and tapes to stabilise fabricated modules.

Please call 1300 252 325 to discuss how SOLIDAL® can help you navigate this process.

Eligible building owners will be helped through:

  • interest free loans over a 10-year period with repayments to commence upon completion of the work
  • assurance and project management services to provide technical and practical support to owners corporations and strata managing agents

Project Remediate is a voluntary (opt-in) program to replace flammable cladding for eligible class 2 residential apartment buildings.